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New design for 2011…


Thought I’d better get my shit together and actually develop something in HTML5…

What better way to do that than obliterating my old blog design and starting from scratch again. My old design was developed I think in 2007 and was in dire need of a refresh - especially since I’ve been developing more and more add-ons for EE.

A New Order?…


Expressionengine has been a revelation for me; purely and simply a life changing piece of software.

In 2006 EE bounced me from producing static html sites - where I outsourced *any* dynamic, complex, database-driven work - to empowering me to feel like I could build just about anything. Really, anything.

Slides from my presentation on ExpressionEngine at Barcamp 3 - Auckland…


For anyone who attended my presentation on Saturday at Barcamp Auckland, or anyone that’s interested, you can download my slides (1.4mb PDF).

The presentation went waaay faster than I expected, totally ran out of time to go through some code examples I had and related tips.

If you attended and have some questions, feel free to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I’m more than happy to talk/share/catchup on anything ExpressionEngine.

Crumbee: ExpressionEngine breadcrumbs plugin…


Just written my first EE plugin, appropriately named Crumbee, its pretty crummy really.

It basically grabs the url of the current page and builds a breadcrumb trail from that, replacing a “-” or a “_” with a space and capitalising the words. Very handy when using the EE pages module and/you/have/long/urls.

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