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Taxonomy Module for ExpressionEngine 2.x

The Taxonomy Module is a navigation/breadcrumb building tool which uses nested sets to control hierarchy. Whether you use the pages module, native URLs, or manual URLs - Taxonomy is designed to fit into your workflow without taking over your EE install.

Language overrides

Taxonomy lets you build multiple navigation trees to unlimited depths which comprise of any of the following types of links:

  • Build links in your tree which use regular template_group/url_title or template_group/template/url_title paths
  • Build links in your tree from entries using page uris from the EE Pages Module
  • Or enter a url override to build nodes in your tree that link to anywhere you like

Taxonomy comes bundled with a Fieldtype which lets you add nodes to Taxonomy trees directly from the publish page - relate content directly with nodes which intelligently keep themselves up to date when page uris change, or templates are renamed.

Taxonomy Fieldtype

Other features include

  • Choose which member groups have access on a per tree basis
  • Use node custom fields to give nodes any additional attributes you need - such as checkboxes, text inputs and text-areas.
  • Limit the maximum depth of nodes in your trees, on a per tree basis

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