Iain Urquhart

Taxonomy 3

Extension Hooks

Taxonomy includes an extension hook which is fired when a node is updated, allowing you to perform functions like clearing third party caches. More hooks are available on request

Hooks available


Typically all you’ll need to know is what tree has been updated, but if you need to know more, three parameters are available to you:

  1. $this->tree_id returns the tree_id of the node which was updated
  2. $update_type returns what kind of update was performed
  3. $data contains information regarding the update
Update Type Data
update_node An array containing the updated node’s kay => values
reorder_nodes A nested array containing updated tree structure
delete_branch or delete_node An array containing the updated node’s kay => values
fieldtype_save An array containing what updated was performed when the Taxonomy fieldtype’s save method was called

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