Iain Urquhart

Taxonomy 3

Installation / Updating Instructions

  1. Backup your install and read the version notes if you are upgrading.
  2. Download Taxonomy from Devot:ee & and place the folders into your EE install as indicated by the download folder structure.
  3. If you are installing for the first time, visit the modules page in your EE install & install the module, extension and enable the fieldtype.

Please note that Taxonomy requires LOCK TABLE privileges for your MySQL user

Updating Taxonomy

Please note the following instructions:

If you are updating from Version 2.x to 3.x, you must update to the latest version of 2 (v2.3.6) before updating to 3. Version 2.x is available in the download from Devot:EE

  1. Backup your database
  2. Overwrite the existing module files (including theme files)
  3. Visit your Add-ons → Modules page and “Run Module Updates”

Want to say 'thank you'?

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