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New design for 2011…


Thought I’d better get my shit together and actually develop something in HTML5…

What better way to do that than obliterating my old blog design and starting from scratch again. My old design was developed I think in 2007 and was in dire need of a refresh - especially since I’ve been developing more and more add-ons for EE.

I’ve decided to bring more focus on my add-ons + documentation in this design, and I’m also hoping this will be the start of me writing a little more. The plan is to post some tutorials and how-to articles for how I get certain ‘bits’ done in ExpressionEngine.

The site header was a bit of fun to do, showcasing another area I want to spend more time on — photography. The header image is simply a random image I’ve selected/curated from my Flickr account (with the exception of some software related images). Again, hopefully this will inspire me to do more with my camera seeing as I’m living in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.

New Software section

You’ll see I’ve created a spanking new software section where you can grab my add-ons for ExpressionEngine and browse documentation. The whole section is running on Taxonomy (of course) and I’m quite pleased with the way it’s all turned out. I’ll be adding more of my add-ons from GitHub and will also be releasing a couple more that have been in private development in due course.

A lot left to do

I gave myself a time limit of 2 weekends to code the site, I’m exceptionally busy at the moment so it’s all I could really afford to let myself do. It’s been great though getting into a little frontend design. My work seems to be delving more and more into implementation of EE (which is fine) but I just haven’t had a chance to get creative in a while.

Overall I’m quite happy, but yeah - still lots to learn about HTML5 and I really, really want to get my head around media queries, CSS3 animations and a whole bunch of other good stuff that’s kicking around the interwebs… One day at a time eh :)

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2011 02 09

Hi Iain,

I just wanted to say that i love your new site, it’s certainly much better than that incredibly annoying, dynamically size changing piece of nonsense you had before! Made my eyes bleed!

Anyway, i just wanted to say that i’ve named my first born after you in your honour! To be fair, the child has come out as a hamaphradite so it seemed apt.


John ‘Flatulence’ Baxter.

Kelly Packer
2011 02 15

Really enjoying the new site design! I like the changing image overlay area behind the nav. Nice touch.

2011 02 15

Thanks Kelly, I had a bit of fun putting it together :)

2011 02 16

Hi Iain, Just jumping on - popped over for my latest site to pick up taxonomy and saw your new site. Nice looking, good work. N

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