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Slides from my presentation on ExpressionEngine at Barcamp 3 - Auckland…


For anyone who attended my presentation on Saturday at Barcamp Auckland, or anyone that’s interested, you can download my slides (1.4mb PDF).

The presentation went waaay faster than I expected, totally ran out of time to go through some code examples I had and related tips.

If you attended and have some questions, feel free to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I’m more than happy to talk/share/catchup on anything ExpressionEngine.

Crumbee: ExpressionEngine breadcrumbs plugin…


Just written my first EE plugin, appropriately named Crumbee, its pretty crummy really.

It basically grabs the url of the current page and builds a breadcrumb trail from that, replacing a “-” or a “_” with a space and capitalising the words. Very handy when using the EE pages module and/you/have/long/urls.

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