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On free add-ons…


I’ve made the decision to start charging for my add-ons listed in the software section of this site starting June 10th.

I’m not particularly stoked to be doing it but I can tell you that the whole ‘open’ model in the ExpressionEngine eco-system does not work, here’s why:

ExpressionEngine users are generally less hesitant to pay for commercial add-ons than to give donations for free software. I’d go as far as to say many are scared of free software. Alongside this is the fact that EllisLab ‘Community Partners’ are clambering over themselves to announce anything with a price tag - they pay little attention to open add-ons and their developers.

For these reasons, I’m going to say now - I’m over it.

A New Order?…


Expressionengine has been a revelation for me; purely and simply a life changing piece of software.

In 2006 EE bounced me from producing static html sites - where I outsourced *any* dynamic, complex, database-driven work - to empowering me to feel like I could build just about anything. Really, anything.

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