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Introvert Fieldtype

This fieldtype displays reverse related entries from the edit entry view and displays them in a table format similar to the main EE edit screen.

Building relationships between channel entries is arguably one of best features of ExpressionEngine. The trouble is, sometimes you want to easily see which entries point to where from the other end of the relationship.


Introvert outputs a list of reverse related entries right on your publish page (generated either from Playa or the inbuilt relationship field table).

Results can can be sorted by:

  1. Entry Title
  2. Channel
  3. Entry Date
  4. or Status

You can also restrict reverse related entries to channels of your choosing, by default we show all reverse related entries:



  • v1.0 : Initial Release (3rd Nov 2010)
  • v1.01 : Fixed a bug where duplicate rows could be returned (4th Nov 2010)
  • v1.1 : Playa 4 Compatability (18th Feb 2011)

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