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‘Plates Fieldtype

This fieldtype for ExpressionEngine 2 is a drop in replacement for the native Pages Module (or the Structure Module) ‘Template’ field.

No longer do you have to present your client with a confusing + long drop down list of templates to choose from… With ‘Plates you can give your templates meaningful names, thumbnail previews and publish notes:

Plate Screenshot


Activate the fieldtype via the Addons -> Fieldtypes page then add the ‘Plates field to your publish page as you would any typical custom field.

When adding the field you have various output options:

  • Display Label - the button label for selecting the template
  • Thumb Filename - eg, 3_col.png
    Place the file in /themes/third_party/plate_assets/thumbs/
    (Images should be 200px wide, and 160px high)
  • Publisher Notes - Some optional notes for your publishers which appear directly below the thumbnail preview if it exists

The first template in your list will be the default template, simply nudge/reorder rows by using the up/down arrows:

Settings screen


A quick demo of configuring the field and adding to the publish page.

Important: In order for the field to work you must place the field AFTER the native Pages (or Structure) template field, once you’ve done this via EE’s publish layouts - you can then go ahead and hide the superfluous field.

‘Plates simply piggy backs off native functionality and does not ‘mess’ with any inner workings of your EE install. Reverting to the native template select menu is a case of simply deleting your ‘Plates Fields.

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