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Version 2.3.4

Version 2.3.3

Version 2.2

  • Added new set_node tag
  • Finally got round to documenting the config overrides available
  • Removed the Taxonomy accessory, moved the functionality to the Taxonomy extension
  • Mark Huotify a config file into Taxonomy

Version 2.1.3

  • Added new titles_only parameter to breadcrumb tag
  • Added new reverse parameter to breadcrumb tag
  • Added new title_field parameter to breadcrumb tag
  • Fix language conflicts with ExpressionEngine core
  • Bugfix accessory which would show all trees regardless of member permissions
  • Added new tag set_node which is in the process of being documented. (Peek at example usage).

Version 2.1

  • Added new get_node tag pair
  • Added language config overrides so you can rename Taxonomy's key terms like "Taxonomy", "Tree" and "Node" can become "Menus", "Menu" and "Item" respectively.
  • Added some basic logging to the nav tag which is viewable via template debugging
    Fixed a bug affecting member permissions to Taxonomy trees if more than one member group (outside super admins) had access to the control panel

Version 2.0.7

  • Added exclude parameters to nav tag
  • Got pedantic about the code formatting in the nav tag and it's now a bit tidier :)
    Fixed bug where empty <ul></ul> elements could appear if all child nodes were closed or hidden
    Implement feature request for the template select field to remove the initial "--" value if there was only one template available.

Version 2.0.6

  • Added a new info icon in the tree view visible only to superadmins.

    Node Info

  • Fixed a bug where PHP notices could be displayed when editing the field preferences and P&T Field Pack was installed
  • Fixed a bug where $data['children'] could cause a php error if the root node does not have any children.
  • Added a node_id parameter to the nav tag

Version 2.0.5

  • Added a new require_valid_entry_id parameter to the navigation tag
  • Added new html_before and html_after parameters to the nav tag
  • Fixed a bug which was introduced by v2.0.4's updates to the display_root parameter.
    Trees could render unexpectedly in certain circumstances using the depth parameter.

Version 2.0.4

  • Changed the behavior of the display_root parameter on the nav tag to apply to any tree output, not just the tree root.
  • v2.0.4.1 Fixes bug in installer where the max_depth column was not created.

Version 2.0.3

  • Bugfix for the url_title parameter which wasn't working
  • Added a missing language variable (hat tip to @boyink)
  • Updated nested sortable js libraries to latest versions
  • Added a maximum depth setting so node depths can be limited by administrators

Please Note: Please ensure you "Run Module Updates" in the module overview page immediately after you update to this version of Taxonomy

Version 2.0.2

  • Bugfix for the active_branch_start_level parameter which wasn't working as expected under certain circumstances
  • Added a new node_id parameter to the breadcrumbs tag
  • Bugfix in the Ttree library where the wrong tree could be set if tags were calling multiple trees, multiple times
  • Update readme and copyright notices thoughout the files from MIT to commercial licensing.

Version 2.0

Please Note: Taxonomy 2.0 has been in public beta for several weeks. Only minor bug reports have been reported and have been resolved. If you are upgrading from a 1.x version of Taxonomy please read the update instructions carefully, please backup your install before upgrading.

  • Rewrite and review of entire codebase
  • Taxonomy trees are loaded into the user session array via a new extension
  • Fieldtype now has settings per channel, so a single field can publish to multiple trees dependant on channel
  • Added MX cloner compatibility to the fieldtype
  • Add first/last_child classes to nav list items
  • New parameter active_branch_start_level on nav tag
  • New include_here parameter on breadcrumbs tag
  • Minor Module UI enhancements

Version 1.2.3

  • Added member permissions to trees, you can now hide Taxonomy trees from those pesky clients.
  • New nav parameter: style="linear" - removes all automatic ul & li wrappers round the nav output
  • New tag: exp:taxonomy:branch_title
  • New variable, {node_count} on the nav tag
  • Updated Nested Sortable plugin to 1.2.2
  • Updated fieldtype to play nicer with @leevigrahams override.css
  • Fixed a bug where php errors were displayed if the sibling_ids tag was inserted before the nav tag

Please Note: After upgrading to this version, you'll need to grant privileges to any member group that you want to be able to edit trees (Super Admins have full access). Simply visit each tree's properties page, and assign permissions there. Only member groups with privileges to access the Taxonomy module will appear in the multi-select. If no member groups have access to the Taxonomy module, the member preferences row does not display.

Version 1.2

Taxonomy is now entry status aware, so when you close an entry in EE, it'll hide from the frontend menu (or show if you want). Nodes with statuses other than 'open' will appear marked in the cp with a status indicator.

Indicators are similar to those ultilised in Playa, and use highlight colours from your
status preferences:

Status Indicators

Added new entry_status parameter to nav tag. Only include nodes associated to entries that have specific statuses or include 'ALL'.

Added new node_active_class parameter to the nav tag. Now you can set the class name of the active node.

Tested on EE v2.1.4 beta, no problems found

Version 1.112

Bugfixes: PHP notice given by custom fields on publish page, and fix problem with 'fetch title' function on fieldtype where javascript function could be missing

Version 1.110

Bugfix: custom fields not shown on fieldtype could wipe some custom field values entered via the module interface

Added a auto_expand="yes" parameter to the nav tag

Added a wrap_li="yes" parameter to the breadcrumbs tag to wrap output in <li></li> tags

Version 1.100

Introduction of Taxonomy Custom Fields

Bugfix: External links to https:// sites had site url prepended

Allow '#' as url override

Bugfix: Some breadcrumbs didn't remove trailing slash

Version 1.071

Bugfix: Errors on Pages module integration when used with MSM

Bugfix: Fix Errors from fieldtype submission when EE validation fails. Users inputs were being wiped.

Version 1.07

New variables added to the nav tag, {node_level_count} & {node_level_total_count} (Thanks to Nevsie)

New url_title param added to the nav tag(Thanks to Todd Perkins)

Run the nav tag tagdata through prep conditionals so conditional variables don't need to be quoted/braced.

Version 1.062

Fixed a bug in view file where php shorthand was used and caused issues in some environments (Hat tip to lhoBas

Fixed a bug where the active class was being applied to nodes when it shouldn't have been (Hat tip to Todd Perkins)

Version 1.06

Added NSM Addon Updater compatability

Fixed some path issues in the edit_nodes.php view where the js was being referenced relatively

Fixed a casing issue in fieltype on require path, MPTtree.php vs mpttree.php

Version 1.051

Added a new accessory for adding Taxonomy to the main CP navigation, with a dropdown option to each tree.

Version 1.0

Main module interface rewritten, supports Drag & Drop (yay!)

Timestamp added to tree to ensure folks are editing/reordering the latest version of the tree. If the tree is out of date, halt db update and flag notification.
(Multiple authors adding/editing nodes could cause corruption in nested set)

Removed quick find tool when adding a node to the tree via the module interface.

Improvements to the parent select; uses parent_node_id instead of parent_node_lft, lft values can change if the tree is updated by another user, or if the tree info is out of date.

Fixed a bug in {exp:taxonomy:get_sibling_ids} tag where requesting the sibling ids of a root node would cause sql errors

Moved the add node interface to a separate view

Consolidated the add_root_node, add_node & edit_node methods

Improved the pages module integration javascript/ajax

Move taxonomy css/gfx/js to the themes/third_party directory

Version 0.63

Fix a bug with fieldtype which caused php errors when editing the field, use include_once instead of require

Improved handling of nodes which have an entry assigned and also use a custom url which isn't a pages module uri. The custom url is displayed, but readonly to the publisher

Version 0.62

Add a root_node_id param to nav tag, begin the navigation output from a specified node_id

Version 0.61

Fix a bug where custom urls had active css classes in the nav tag when they weren't active

Added new hide_dt_group (hide default template group) params to nav, breadcrumbs and node_url tags for folks who don't want the default template group displayed in urls

Fixed a bug in node_url tag where template paths were returned instead of the Pages uri

Version 0.6

Add Pages module support to module interface, and add new options to fieldtype.

- Offer a 'use page uri' checkbox if a page_uri is detected for the selected node

- Offer a 'use page uri' checkbox on fieldtype as determined by field settings

- Remove select template option on fieldtype as determined by field settings

Remove the ability to add the same node more than once in a tree

Add a Quick Start Guide to the documentation

Version 0.52

Fix a bug on nav that produced sql errors if no nodes existed in specified tree

Renamed method get_node_by_entryid to get_node_by_entry_id

Fixed a bug when entry_id was not passed to nav tag

Add new params to the nav tag: ul_css_class="my-class" & ul_css_id="my-id"

Merge with @audoiopleb, run some get/post vars via the input class

Add 'active' css class when visiting nodes which have relative links via the url override option

Moved all Taxonomy css/gfx/js to a /taxonomy_assets folder

Add module configuration and default setting, folks can choose where the /taxonomy_assets are being picked up from

Fixed a bug where international chars were not being saved/outputted correctly

Version 0.5

Fixed issue with depricated CodeIgniter active record functions - getwhere and orderby

Updated the edit nodes functions (up, down, left, right) to be a lot faster using json responses from the controller instead of .load()

Only show 'edit entry' link if an entry has been assigned (was displaying when only a template was assigned)

Version 0.4

Remove the properties column from Edit Nodes view. New UI which allows access to edit nodes, edit entries and visit node url.

UI is untested on IE, update to come for older versions of IE which don't respect css :hover on anything except <a> tags

Version 0.36

Added the root_node_entry_id parameter for the nav tag.

Version 0.35

Cleanup the way the field settings are stored, and fix bug introduced by bugfix below!

Please note: you will need to resave your field settings for each Taxonomy field after you update - ensure the correct tree is selected for your field.

Version 0.34

Bugfix submitted by Jeroen.

Version 0.33

Give user feedback when nudging nodes in the tree view via $.fancybox.showActivity();

Add variable {node_active_parent} variable to nav

Version 0.32

Fix bug which caused node data to be deleted when moving a node by the fieldtype under certain circumstances

Tidy up presentation of fieldtype, and add breadcrumb path if node data exists

Version 0.3

Added a Taxonomy Fieldtype for adding/editing nodes while publishing entries
License changed to MIT
Minor cosmetic changes to node management interface
Fixed bug where an apostrophe in a node label would cause js errors (autocomplete array)

Version 0.23

Introduced basic MSM compatibility

Version 0.22

Bugfixes for module tags

Version 0.21

New tag:

Other changes:

Version 0.2

New tags:

Version 0.1

Initial Release

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